Huntsy, a dashboard for finding your dream job, passes 10K registered users in 2 months

Huntsy, a dashboard for finding your dream job, passes 10K registered users in 2 months

Huntsy, a new tool for managing your job search, has only been in the public eye since its launch in March. Since then, it has garnered strong early traction, passing 10,000 registered users as of last week.

The easiest way to think of Huntsy is as a content management system for your entire job search, where you can bookmark job listings, schedule interviews and “uncover hidden professional connections,” all in one place. From there, the tool goes beyond organization by tracking your progress and sending you reminders to do things like follow up on applications.

Outside of WorkFu, the site that’s attempting to build an entire network based on your social compatibility with jobs, there hasn’t been much innovation in the career-finding space for quite some time. Sites like Career Builder essentially took an offline process and streamlined it online, but for Huntsy, the overreaching goal is to get rid of the mess entirely — simplifying your job search into a single dashboard.

To do this, Huntsy, which is backed by tech incubator QLabs, has integrated with over 20 major job sites, including LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed and Krop, turning the startup into a increasingly service-agnostic tool.

More stats:

– Users spend 10 minutes on the site per session, saving more than 11 jobs in that time.
– More than 50% of the site’s users are socially connected to individuals at their target companies.

From Huntsy:

Huntsy is an organizational tool for job hunters.

It will guide you step by step through all the pieces of your job search. You provide Huntsy with potential positions and we’ll provide you with a timeline of tasks that will help you manage your job hunt work flow from beginning to end.

Huntsy will keep track of scheduled interviews, multiple versions of your resume and help you discover new contacts and utilize current ones. It will allow you to use all the resources available to you in the most efficient and effective way possible.

All in all, Huntsy’s growth and “stickiness” (it has strong user engagement patterns) shows that there’s still plenty of potential for the job-finding market to be disrupted. As for anyone out there that has looked for a job before (and that’s 99% of us), we all know that experiments in this space need to happen.

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