Customers complained, Amazon listened: Laptops and netbooks are now eligible for Trade-In

Customers complained, Amazon listened: Laptops and netbooks are now eligible for Trade-In

Amazon’s Trade-In Program, which allows customers to trade in specific items for Gift Card credit, is now accepting laptops and netbooks, following feedback from customers.

This news isn’t too surprising, as Amazon is adding new products to its Trade-In Program constantly, but the addition certainly makes Amazon’s program a bit more complete. Also, it’s good to see that the giant is taking in feedback.

Only back in April, Amazon began accepting CDs, and at the time we found that the trade-in titles are actually only sold to third-party merchants, and are not listed by Amazon directly on the site; “at the moment, Amazon does not resell used CDs, though a variety of used and like new offerings are available through [its] marketplace,” the company told us.

From Amazon:

Amazon’s Trade-In Program is simple, offers competitive values and has extensive selection. The process is easy—just visit, and search for the items you’d like to trade in. Gift Card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of the items. Customers can trade-in their CDs, movies, textbooks, video games, laptops, netbooks and other electronics all in one place, even in one box!  Plus, the Amazon Trade-In Program provides customers the convenience of free shipping and transparent, simple condition descriptions.

It’s a pretty cut and dry case here, but as Amazon rolls out to offering trade-ins for more and more items, revenue from this program alone could grow pretty high — as customers look to get rid of their unused things without going through the trouble of selling them on eBay.

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