’s redesign helps you find the best products thanks to over 100k user recommendations’s redesign helps you find the best products thanks to over 100k user recommendations

Last year we told you about a handy site called which is a Quora-style service for product recommendations.

The site allows people to ask questions like “What’s the best laptop under $500?”, in hopes that the rest of the community will respond with their thoughts. It has most definitely worked, as the site has grabbed over 100K product recommendations since its launch.

Today, Get has launched a revamped and redesigned product that makes it easier to find the cream of the crop, no matter what you’re looking for.

Get’s co-founder, Steven Fruchter, told TNW about the future plans for the two-person, $1M funded team:

We’re creating *the* place people will turn to when they want to buy a product, but don’t know which one to buy. It would take a person many hours of product research on Amazon or Google to do (a worse job) of what they can do in seconds on

You can probably imagine how big of a business that would ultimately make us if we’re successful.

Fruchter is right, product search and recommendations is most certainly a big business. The fact that the company only has two full-time employees makes today’s launch even more impressive.

When you visit the homepage, you can start searching via a search box or start drilling down based on the the actual type of item that you’re looking for:

As you start drilling down, you can change your search based on a number of options such as price. The site uses its recommendations and algorithmically-compares product specs to surface the most popular product at the best value. Fruchter calls the site “the best free social consumer reports you could ever have.”

Since there is a community of people recommending products behind-the-scenes, the rankings of products will change over time. Knowing what’s hot at any given moment not only gets you a great product, it could save you hundreds of dollars.

As you dig into an actual products, you’ll find its complete specs, prices on various sites, and what others are saying about it:

It’s true that finding products on Google and Amazon has become a tricky task, so it makes sense that a company who is solely focusing on solving the discovery problem that both companies have has a good shot. As with any product like this, it comes down to personal taste. Some people hear about products from their friends on Facebook, buy quickly, and are just fine with that. For others, who are willing to wait things out and find the best deal, Get might be your best bet.

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