Path reports a 6,000% increase on Beastie Boys music stories after MCA’s passing

Path reports a 6,000% increase on Beastie Boys music stories after MCA’s passing

When a celebrity we have paid so much attention to for so long passes away, we tend to honor them in any way we see fit. Some of us tweet, some of us listen to their music or watch or their movies.

According to personal social network app Path, the day that Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch (aka MCA) passed away after a fight with cancer, the music stories featuring Beastie Boys listens skyrocketed 6,000%.

This isn’t a shocker at all, as I personally saw people sharing Spotify listens on Facebook as well as RIP tweets.

Here’s what the Path team had to say about this on its blog:

“No shame in my game just par for the path. I try to hone my craft because at hand’s the task.” – The Move, Beastie Boys

The passing of Beastie Boys’ frontman, Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, on Friday May 4th struck the Path office like a stone to an egg. What spilled out were profound memories, shrill sing-a-longs, and a fond farewell. Yes, we are proud Beastie Boys fans here at Path. And those of us who weren’t may now have a better appreciation.

The intimate space on Path that we are working so hard to build has been another place for people to express their sadness in the comfort and company of the people they love. It’s been an honor to witness and participate in the power of this empathy. Path has always understood the importance of family and friends in times of fighting for your right to party, or in this case, grieve.

On May 4th, the Friday of MCA’s passing, people on Path shared 6,000% more Beastie Boys music stories than the day before. Sabotage, Intergalactic and Fight for Your Right were the favorite remembrances on Path. Moral support through commentary and emotions was enormous.

Path would like to thank MCA for his legacy and his fans for supporting the band and each other in this time of regret. If you are interested in supporting a cure for the cancer which took Adam well before his time, click here. In the meantime, run your Licensed To Ill record ragged and don’t live life any less fully than MCA did. Because you can’t, and you won’t, and you don’t stop.

Asking its users to donate to benefit those who are battling cancer and those of us who might face it in the future is a beautiful move by the company.

The Path app allows you to share what music you’re listening to with your closest friends, along with other interesting status update options like when you went to sleep or woke up.

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