Ever gone through PayPal reports hell? You will love SlowPal

Ever gone through PayPal reports hell? You will love SlowPal

PayPal claims over 100 million active user accounts, but a lot of people hate the company, for a variety of reasons. Love or despise it, it has become hard to ignore and avoid the e-payments juggernaut whether you are an online seller or buyer.

Enter Shoply, which aims to democratize online retailing of goods and services for small businesses worldwide. They hate PayPal too, but they realize that it’s become too big and powerful for them to sidestep the online payments giant.

One particular frustration of the Shoply team with PayPal is its slow and tedious transaction reports system. If you’ve ever used PayPal to peruse though and search for transactions in your account history, you will know that it is prone to crash and is often as slow as molasses in January.

So Shoply went ahead and hacked together its own Web-based software to search, filter and browse historical PayPal transactions: SlowPal (also check out their amusing Facebook profile). And the good news for those familiar with the PayPal transaction reports pain, is that they’ve decided to release it publicly.

Pitched by Shoply CEO Liad Shababo as “pure anti-frustration software”, SlowPal aims to make dealing with the accounting side of Paypal “infinitely better”.

It built entirely on top of PayPal’s APIs, so the tool is legit. It accesses and imports your data securely, too, in case you’re wondering.

Still not convinced? Be advised that the tool is completely free to use.

Also, it’s awesome.

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