42Floors launches “Showroom” to show off cool additions for your office

42Floors launches “Showroom” to show off cool additions for your office

Every startup needs a stunning office space with tons of cool furniture and accessories to make its employees feel at home and to attract new talent.

Y Combinator company 42Floors is quickly becoming the source to find these office spaces and has launched a new feature today called “Showroom” to help you find all of the neat furniture to fill it.

Here’s how 42Floors CEO Jason Freedman explained the feature to me:

It’s a marketplace of inspiring products to make offices awesome. At a time when companies MUST have cool offices to attract talent, we make that whole process a little less painful, a little more awesome. (actually, a whole lot)

As you’re perusing the 42Floors site for a hip new office in downtown San Francisco, you can check out what the Showroom has to offer so you can get a better idea of the type of space you need:

The Showroom has everything you’d ever need to build out the perfect sanctuary for your new company. You can look into everything from bar stools to cloud phone services:

Along with furniture and phone services you can find things like kitchen accessories as well as necessary office services like interior design and links to services like EXEC and TaskRabbit to get more things done at your place of business.

The 42Floors Showroom has all of the contact information that you need to set up an appointment with someone or get a quote on a specific service. In some cases, 42Floors even provides a handy pre-filled contact form to get things started:

When small teams get their first funding, finding a place to call “home” is usually the first move before hiring new employees. What 42Floors is doing with its site is making that process a little bit easier by pulling listings in from all over the web and even setting up appointments for you to check out an office space.


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