Salesforce continues its social push by acquiring YC company Stypi

Salesforce continues its social push by acquiring YC company Stypi

Salesforce has continued its push to expand its social offering with the acquisition of real-time collaboration platform Stypi.

The YC company announced the deal on its blog:

We started building Stypi with the vision to make it as easy as possible to collaborate with others online–whether it be for editing source code, tweaking website copy, or writing a novel. As Stypi has grown, we’ve seen each of these use cases and many more unexpected ones.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are joining We’ve found that they share our vision for collaboration and all of its possibilities and together we’ll be able to create even more amazing collaboration solutions.

Most importantly, Stypi will continue to be the Stypi you know. Our users will continue to have access to this great service, community, and innovation.

We’re super excited about this new leg in our journey, and can’t wait to share these steps with you.

We saw Stypi at the YC combinator demo and TNW managing editor Brad Mccarty was suitably impressed by the startup and its innovative product:

Stypi is Google Wave done right. If they’re right, it could be huge. From Jason Chen and Byron Milligan.

It isn’t entirely clear if the deal is an aquihire or aquisition and, if the later, exactly how Salesforce will use Stypi and its platform.

That said, we see plenty of potential for the Stypi product for enterprise customers, who could make use of the real-time editing of documents and other files, which help and encourage collaborative working.

We’ve reached out to both companies for more details, and will update this post with anything we’re given.

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