For $100, an Uber SUV will deliver a Mariachi band to you on-demand

For $100, an Uber SUV will deliver a Mariachi band to you on-demand

It’s not April first is it? Oh, it’s actually May first. I wonder if that means that this news from Uber is real. Regardless, it’s absolutely hilarious.

Car rental service Uber is now letting you order a party on-demand with the press of a button and $100 spent. Once you order your party, an Uber SUV packed with a Mariachi band will show up at your doorstep. I’m not joking, this is real.

Here’s what Uber had to say about the May (Cindo de Mayo) promotion:

On Friday, May 4th we’ll have three SUVs in San Francisco transporting the Bay area’s premiere Mariachi bands along with Tres Agaves margarita mix and piñatas. Requesting your own fiesta is smoother than the most expensive Añejo – all you have to do is press the “Let’s Party” button. Consider this the ultimate Cinco de Mayo pre-game

Sorry folks, it’s in San Francisco only.

Along with the party, you’ll get a pinata and a bottle of margarita mix.

I can imagine a lot of people doing this just for the fun factor, and to see if the mariachi band will actually show up as advertised. Here’s a video to get you excited for ordering your party on-demand from Uber.

I could see this turning into a new business model for the company.

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