Gnip now pulls social data from Sina Weibo’s 300 million Chinese users

Gnip now pulls social data from Sina Weibo’s 300 million Chinese users

Only a few months after becoming the first authorized reseller of tweets, Boudler-based Gnip has announced today that it is adding social data from China’s Sina Weibo microblogging service. The company, which promises that its customers will never miss a tweet, comment, post or like again, is touting SW’s 300 million users as an important source of information for any company that has a presence in the Asian markets.

Gnip’s Marketing Manager Elaine Ellis pointed out some recent, legitimate problems that have happened in the Chinese market, including a credibility crisis in China for the Red Cross. With the addition of Sina Weibo and its 75 million daily messages, companies can more readily see what’s being said about them, or about topics related to them.

Ellis relays a story about KFC in which the company was accused of sending “handsome” delivery boys. The conversation spread quickly on Sina Weibo, eliciting 41,000 forwards and over 5,000 comments as the company denied the accusations of getting pretty with its deliveries.

By way of comparison, Sina Weibo is outpacing the fastest grower in the US, Google+. While Google’s social network touts 100 million users, Weibo’s 300 million continues to grow every day.

The service is live, as of today, adding to Gnip’s existing 90 billion social activities that it monitors. For businesses with a presence in China, it is likely the fastest way to keep on top of what’s being said about your company.

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