Social marketing tech startup Bread Labs slices $4.3 million funding round

Social marketing tech startup Bread Labs slices $4.3 million funding round

Bread Labs, a San Francisco-based social media marketing technology startup, is raising a $4.3 million round of which $3.3 million has already been secured, according to a regulatory filing that surfaced earlier this week.

The funding round comes at a time the startup is fleshing out its commercial social marketing suite, called Bread Pro. It’s unclear who the investors are as the company hasn’t yet announced the financing round publicly.

What we do know: Bread Labs is backed by Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, and the artist – as well as others, including 50 Cent – have already used it (

Bread (or essentially lets brands create ‘digital billboards’ (some examples) that come with custom short URLs that are easy to share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and whatnot, turning links into what they dub ‘linkmercials’. The company originally launched its service in public beta back in June 2011.

It’s kind of a modern-day splash marketing page generating tool, which can’t really be a phenomenal thing for Web users such as myself, who like to end up at their digital destination as fast as they can with as little interruptions as possible.

For brands it brings high ad click-through rates, however, Bread Labs asserts.

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