Kindle Fire update 6.3 now live, brings sharing, book extras, textbook replicas & more

Kindle Fire update 6.3 now live, brings sharing, book extras, textbook replicas & more

Amazon’s ambitious Kindle Fire has just received a brand new software update to version 6.3. It’s now live and available for anyone with the device, downloadable here directly and over-the-air.

The update comes with many new features including the ability to share within books. Notes and highlights can be now be shared while reading, making it easy to see what other readers are saying about their books. This particular feature sounds useful for students and joint note taking.

Among the other new features include Book Extras that provide supplemental material, an archive of personal documents, a special reading view for Amazon Silk and timing changes to movie rentals.

Installing this update will effectively un-root your device (if you’ve done that), but a work around the update has already been created. According to Android Police, “you’ll need to have fastboot and ADB working for the Kindle Fire, along with a handful of other files. For more information, including detailed instructions on the process, check out this thread on XDA.”

For more details on the update, check out Amazon’s official post. Last we heard, Amazon has plans to reveal three new Kindle devices this year alone, and the Kindle Touch 3G has just been made available for global preorder. As the Kindle continues to grow in popularity, we’ll keep our eyes out for how this stands to affect the tablet market.

➤  Kindle Fire Software Version 6.3

Have you gotten your hands on a Kindle Fire yet?

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