Tracelytics tracks application performance, finds $5.2m from Google and others

Tracelytics tracks application performance, finds $5.2m from Google and others

Application performance management SaaS firm Tracelytics has raised $5.2 million in Series A funding in a round led by Bain Capital Ventures, with existing seed investors Google Ventures, Battery Ventures and Flybridge Capital Partners also chipping in. Tracelytics is an alum of startup accelerator Betaspring.

An SEC filing revealed the completion of Tracelytics’ financing round right before the weekend, but we got in touch with the company to learn more about its offering and plans before reporting.

Founded in 2010, Tracelytics provides on-demand application performance management (APM) software – new: one month free trial signup here – and basically aims to help its customers gain insights into the performance of their Web applications across the entire stack.

Its application performance management software-as-a-service suite made its public debut in November 2011.

Since its initial seed funding in early 2011, Tracelytics has added support for PHP, Python and Ruby (in addition to Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Linux Mint), and executed over 500 million ‘traces’ for clients to date.

GitHub engineer Aman Gupta sings its praises:

“When you’re dealing with massive applications, people often don’t really understand what’s going on in them. With Tracelytics, I immediately found issues that our other APM software had failed to identify.

The first time you see it, is completely mind blowing. Once someone gets a taste of the data, they’ll want to trace every app and every layer of their stack.”

Pricing ranges from $95 to $495 per month for pre-defined packages.

Founded in Providence, RI, Tracelytics will use part of the new capital to establish a second office in Boston, MA and “hire aggressively” for the new location.

The company is led by CEO John Vigeant, formerly of Novell, Citrix Systems and CloudBees. Tracelytics’s three co-founders are Amie Street vets Spiros Eliopoulos (CTO) and Dan Kuebrich (“Product Dude”), and Chris Erway.

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