WellTech Funding launches as the 1st incubator for wellness & healthy living

WellTech Funding launches as the 1st incubator for wellness & healthy living

WellTech Funding has just launched as what appears to be the very first tech incubator for startups and companies focused on bringing wellness and healthy living directly to consumers. Today, the incubator houses just two startups, FITiST and Wizpert, both of which are dedicated to changing how consumers pursue a healthy lifestyle.

While the name is new, WellTech was founded by investors and executives behind SpaFinder and GramercyOne, two experienced companies in the space. The incubator’s HQ is located right in New York’s Gramercy neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from the well-known General Assembly and not far from Dogpatch Labs.

The global health and wellness market is absolutely gigantic, so it’s great to see a specialized incubator pop up to cater to this vertical. From WellTech founder, Peter Ellis:

The phenomenal success of SpaFinder and GramercyOne showed us that technology holds enormous potential for helping people lead healthier lives. New York City is home to some of the most creative innovators in both the technology and wellness sectors, and we look forward to working with them to take wellness-related technology and services to an exciting new level.

While FITiST and Wizpert are the first founding startups, the incubator is looking for more and is taking applications today. WellTech participants receive a minimum $50,000 in capital to help them grow their business and will also have potential access to future rounds of capital from WellTech and other introduced investors.

We’ll keep our eye on WellTech’s growing class of startups and will share the best of them here on TNW. If you’re interested in learning more or are considering applying, visit the link below.

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