Beats is reportedly buying MOG music subscription service

Beats is reportedly buying MOG music subscription service

As we wrote last month, the choices for online streaming music have gotten pretty aggressive over the past few months. With Spotify’s push into the US, it has all but eclipsed every other name in the news, yet there are still many options from which a music lover can choose. That, it seems, is precisely the problem for Calfornia-based MOG if CNET’s story is correct.

While we’ve yet to receive an official confirmation, according to All Things Digital and Business Insider, it  looks like the rumors that the company is courting buyers, seeking an exist, are true. Beats, a company part owned by HTC, is reportedly in the process of purchasing MOG.

It’s important to note that MOG is hardly a new player in the game, having been founded in 2005. But after 7 rounds of funding totaling nearly $25 million, the company hasn’t seen the adoption that it appears other services have enjoyed.

At the moment it’s still unclear what will happen to MOG, and if it will be rebranded or somehow integrated into the Beats line. HTC’s movie service, HTC Watch, has received little attention over the past year, but there’s a possibility we’ll see more news regarding that service as well if there are plans for any future integrations.

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