Apple, Google and Amazon top Fortune’s list of the most admired companies

Apple, Google and Amazon top Fortune’s list of the most admired companies

The tech sector is being looked at with admiration by the wider American business community, it seems, as Apple, Google and Amazon have come out on top of Fortune magazine’s list of the most admired companies.

Apple topped the list for the fifth year running, with Google in second place for the third year in a row. Amazon came in at number three, up from seven last year. IBM and Microsoft also made it into the top 20, at numbers 5 and 17 respectively.

Each year, Fortune asks the US business community for its thoughts on which companies have the best reputations. 3,855 executives, directors, and securities analysts were asked to select the 10 companies they admired most.

The success of Apple, Google and Amazon this year is perhaps reflective of the tech sector’s ability to succeed in the face of the poor economy, which has affected other sectors much more deeply. Or, maybe  it’s just because tech is ‘sexy’ right now. Either way, while Apple and Google have seen continued strong financial results of late, Amazon rose in the list despite recently warning of potential losses and suffering a drop in profits recently, so perhaps it’s not just all about cold, hard cash.

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