Mistakes and confusion lead to a charitable donation from Fab

Mistakes and confusion lead to a charitable donation from Fab

Mistakes happen to the best of us, and according to a cool poster and shirt from Fab.com, we should make mistakes more often, as they sometimes lead to better outcomes.

That was the case today when Mike Monteiro of Mule Designs felt that it was no mistake that Fab’s new items looked exactly like something he had made and was also selling online:

Here’s a look at the two designs, with Fab’s first:

Now Monteiro’s:

While I wouldn’t call them carbon copies, the two designs and messages are extremely similar. After Monteiro shared his displeasure with the similarities, others began tweeting their disgust with Fab as well:

Instead of this turning into something ugly, Fab’s CEO Jason Goldberg decided to put the back and forth to rest and end it on a positive note. In a blog post, Goldberg cleared up the speculation that Fab ripped Monteiro off by stating that “Make Mistakes” is the company mantra and it’s actually something he got from its CTO, who has this sign on his wall:

Having said that, Goldberg took the clearing up a step further by offering to donate proceeds from Fab’s items to charity:

At Fab we believe this make mistakes stuff; but learn from them and adjust quickly. Yo Mike! Here’s what we’re going to do. Let me know your favorite charity. For every $1 of profits from selling our Make Mistakes poster or tees on Fab, we’ll donate $2 to your favorite charity. We’re not in this for the money. We believe this Make Mistakes stuff. We live it every day here.

Even if Fab’s design group had made a mistake and lifted someone else’s design, it appears that these mistakes and confusion have led to something far better, a charitable donation to the organization of Mike Monteiro’s choice:

It’s nice to see a Twitter spat end in something that benefits others.

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