SocialChorus launches as a toolkit for managing your entire social media campaign

SocialChorus launches as a toolkit for managing your entire social media campaign

The advertising world has drastically shifted over the past few years, tossing aside decades of one-way marketing campaigns in favor of direct, two-way dialog.

This is all, of course, thanks to the explosion of social media and the creation of what many call an influencer; users that lie somewhere in-between the average Joe and an online celebrity. You’ve likely heard the term thanks to Klout, but since influencer can come across as a buzz word, I needed to clear that up.

Brands large and small already see the benefit of reaching these influential users, and so far many have hired teams to manually keep tabs on who’s who, while rewarding users for spreading the word. But when it comes to actually managing this new breed of campaign as it grows into one of the most important marketing techniques, brands have been, essentially, screwed from the get-go.

Enter SocialChorus: It’s like a back-end panel for your entire social campaign — tossing aside spreadsheets and one-off emails for an all-encompassing platform.
This startup is so useful because, no matter what, influential users of social media are becoming more and more important every day, and brands needs a scalable way to manage their relationships with them. SocialChorus enables companies to keep track of these campaigns, which average from a few hundred to thousands of influencers.

By analyzing campaign results down to the finest details, SocialChorus makes it tremendously easier to reward influencers. The platform helps brands determine the value of every action, tracking tweets, posts, emails and top influencers. It’s a toolkit for managing what you’re doing and monitoring the results (ROI).

But how do brands find influencers? Companies often have their own lists they created manually, and this platform brings that together with its own database. Note that Influencers are always invited to join the network. This isn’t some massive spam and creepy user tracking database.

So where are we now? As of a few years ago, this major shift abruptly changed advertising for good. Now, SocialChorus hopes to help make sense of it all. Over 25 Fortune 500 brands have already agreed to deploy this new platform including PepsiCo, Williams-Sonoma and Intel, and we’re eager to see the results. Find influencers, reward fans and scale the whole shebang.

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