Skype hits major milestone as 32 million people sign on at once

Skype hits major milestone as 32 million people sign on at once

Skype, the video chatting giant acquired by Microsoft last year for $8.5 billion, has just announced that it hosted a staggering 32 million users at once yesterday. As the blog states, “that’s quite a lot of people using Skype…’

With a record number of users actively using the service at the same time, it’s a wonder the servers held up. Clearly, Skype was prepared for the moment as it focuses on future growth.

From Jennifer Caukin, Skype’s head of social media:

Yesterday, Skype passed a new milestone. There were 32 million people signed onto Skype at the same time.

That’s quite a lot of people using Skype to build and maintain meaningful connections with friends, family and co-workers by making voice and video calls, instant messaging or sending files between computers, mobiles and even TVs. Of course, let’s not forget those of you who are calling phones and landline numbers around the world at great low-cost rates using Skype Credit.

This announcement follows numerous others this week, including Skype’s plan to dish out free WiFi in celebration of the mobile industry’s flagship event, Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. And just three days ago, Skype updated its iOS application, delivering user interface improvements for the dialpad and instant messaging and making it more stable on Apple’s iOS 5 firmware.

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