Self-professed ‘photonerd’ publishes open letter in hopes of being hired by Instagram

Self-professed ‘photonerd’ publishes open letter in hopes of being hired by Instagram

I really admire talented and driven people who put themselves out there publicly when they are so excited about a company that they’d like to work there. I wrote about one such person last year named Hanna Phan who created a presentation on SlideRocket to score her dream job.

This time around, 20-year-old student Alice Lee has put herself out there on the Internet in hopes to score a gig with red hot photo sharing app Instagram. Here’s how Lee describes herself:

20 y/o Deviant Student
Penn, Marketing + CS. 3.8*.
Took Fall 2011 off to work at foursquare and pursue freelance photo career. Went to Africa.
*Currently skipping class to write this. Rest assured this figure will change.

To grab the attention of Instagram she has built a pretty gorgeous one-page site to show the company how much of a fan she is and why she’d be a great fit:

She hopes to land herself a job where she works directly with developers who are using Instagram’s API within their own apps as well as lending some of her Photoshop skills to the creation of new filters. Lee also took it upon herself to design a mock-up of what she thinks the Instragram developer site should look like should the company hire her:

Lee has obviously done her homework and has held similar roles as an intern at Microsoft and Foursquare, so hopefully Instagram takes a look at what she has to offer. If not, she might get snapped up by another startup that loves her proactive approach to interviewing for a job. At this rate, resume’s will be a thing of the past in no time flat.

“Dear Instagram – With Love, Alice”

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