All the data I can buy about you for 8 cents [Leak]

All the data I can buy about you for 8 cents [Leak]

I’ve seen the darkside. Recently, at a marketing conference, I met a databroker who we’ll call “Tim.” A few minutes into our conversation, I realized that Tim was in the business of selling demographic and behavioral data at scale. Curious, I emailed him the next day asking how much it would cost to buy this type of data.

I had two options. I could buy data on an individual basis for 8 cents per record or I could buy a license which would give me data on 180-200 million Americans for $95,000/year.

And what would I get for less than a dime per person? Well he emailed me the 617 fields of demographic, behavioral, consumer, and personal information they would supply. And for your viewing pleasure, I’ve republished the entire list of fields below…. Sorry Tim.

PS: Some of my favorites include whether you are into “upscale living,” water sports, or have recently bought a ring.

Data for Purchase:

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