AT&T may allow Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus after all

AT&T may allow Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus after all

Although Google’s Galaxy Nexus has widely been praised as the best Android phone yet, there has been one glaring omission: Google Wallet. Up until now it has only been officially available to the Nexus S 4G on Sprint, but a recent change now allows an unlocked Galaxy Nexus with an AT&T SIM card to access the app’s latest update.

Droid Life explains:

Enter today. I was cruising around in the market doing some research on a tip that came in and noticed that Wallet was now showing as being available to my GSM Galaxy Nexus which is running an AT&T SIM card.

In the past, as in back in December, that screenshot above looked entirely different. I know that Wallet was updated for some users yesterday, but it’s almost impossible to tell if the note that reads “Small changes for device compatibility” was a part of it. If it is, then GSM users, jump on it!

For now, Verizon users are still blocked from the app, but it’s certainly surprising that AT&T is allowing this since it is supposed to be invested in ISIS (a Google Wallet competitor). Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have shown no signs of cooperating with Google on this subject, so perhaps this is a sign that AT&T had a change of heart. At this point, however, we have no way or knowing just yet.

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