Coldplay buckles and finally launches Mylo Xyloto on Spotify

Coldplay buckles and finally launches Mylo Xyloto on Spotify

Back in October, we pondered whether Coldplay’s decision to say no to streaming was a good or bad thing for the UK band. Whatever the right answer may be, the band’s latest album has finally appeared on the music-streaming platform.

As Music Ally reportsMylo Xyloto went live on Spotify some time this morning, though no official announcement has been made yet.

As we reported a few months back, a source at Coldplay’s record label, EMI, said that the company was “a little embarrassed” by the band’s decision to not release its album on Spotify and other music-streaming sites.

It’s thought that Coldplay has been trying to keep its Mylo Xyloto album, which was launched last October, intact and playable in its entirety, rather than breaking the tracks up for separate listening. Though as we noted at the time, once you purchase an album on any service, physical or digital, you can listen to the songs in any order and as standalone tracks.

Whilst Coldplay’s back catalog has always been available on Spotify, it seems the intention was always to delay the new album’s launch on the streaming platform, to help maximize sales elsewhere – including on Apple’s iTunes Store. Indeed, the album was heavily promoted on iTunes when it was launched.

Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes has argued that the album would’ve sold far less copies if it had been available on Spotify from the start, though he has previously indicated that it would eventually make it on to streaming sites.

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