500 Startups company provides ‘Love With Food’ and a social good twist

500 Startups company provides ‘Love With Food’ and a social good twist

If you know any geeks who pay attention to technology trends, you may have heard that “curation is going to be hot in 2012”. Of course, curating things that are of interest to you has sites like Pinterest busting at the seams, but the idea of curation isn’t limited to technology.

While I was at the 500 Startups Demo Day last week, there were teams tackling big data, stitching together concert footage, and providing reviews in the tiniest of ways. One team with a very simple premise stood out to me, and it calls itself “Love With Food“.

Love With Food is a monthly subscription service that lets you sign up to receive tasty goods sent right to your doorstep. The company carefully curates its treats into red boxes for just $14 a month.

Along with your $14 a month subscription, you’ll get five or more curated gourmet foods, points for free products, and member-only access to discounts. The shipping is even free. The company is taking the same approach that sneakpeeq is, by building relationships with these gourmet food creators, which allow them to offer samples at such a low price. The samples then serve as a way to sell more product through the site.

The twist? Every time you buy a box of yummy goodness from Love With Food, the company donates a meal to “No Kid Hungry“. To date, Love With Food has donated 4,680 meals, and that’s awesome.

Along with the monthly service, the site provides recipes submitted by its community and provides an overall feeling of being a part of something that both provides a valuable curated service and some social good at the same time.

With only $50k of investment so far, Love With Food is primed to take a bite out of two trends in 2012, social commerce and curation. The price is right, it makes a great gift, and your participation feeds kids who aren’t as lucky as you are. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Love With Food

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