Watch this 10-part interview with Thrillist Co-Founder and CEO Ben Lerer

Watch this 10-part interview with Thrillist Co-Founder and CEO Ben Lerer

Grovo, an Internet education and training platform, has just released a 10-part interview with Thrillist Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Lerer. In case you haven’t heard, Thrillist is a men’s lifestyle brand based in New York with over 3 million subscribers. The interview is the second part of Grovo’s Expert Series, a recurring web series of interviews with leading entrepreneurs and Internet professionals.

Last week, Grovo featured Andy Dunn, Co-Founder and CEO of Bonobos, and this week the series sheds light on the mind-set and techniques used to build the highly popular Thrillist men’s brand. The videos reveal insight on why Thrillist was founded, how it utilizes email marketing and continues to grow as an online brand.

Jeff Fernandez, Grovo CEO tells TNW about the Expert Series:

Who’s better to learn to use the web than the people who create and use it best?  The Expert Series is a behind-the-scenes, candid conversation about how they use the Internet, why it’s changing and how they take advantage of all it has to offer. We created The Expert Series to be helpful for everyone who uses the Web, whether you’re looking to discover new sites and apps, use your favorite ones better or find new ways to make the Web more helpful in your day-to-day life.

Thrillist’s story is particularly interesting, as the company took email, which is generally thought of as a dying medium, and utilized it to grow an entire company.

Next week, Grovo will feature David Tisch of TechStars NY. He’ll talk about what he looks for in companies, the characteristics of successful startups in today’s competitive environment and how companies are building a personality through social media.

➤ The Expert Series with Ben Lerer (full interview)

Note: You’ll need to watch the preview and “like” or “tweet” it to see the entire collection a day early. Then go here, scroll down and browse all 10 “chapters.”

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