4 easy ways to access Wikipedia today

4 easy ways to access Wikipedia today

Now, some of you will already know this, but consider it a public service announcement. While Wikipedia is taking part in today’s SOPA Strike, meaning the English version of the site is blacked out, there are four easy ways to access the site.

  1. Disable Javascript in your browser. The block page won’t load and you can browse away at will.
  2. Alternatively, keep Javascript running and just press the Escape key on your keyboard as a Wikipedia page loads.
  3. Another option is to use this bookmarklet which will unblock any Wikipedia page with a click.
  4. Or you can simply use your mobile phone – the mobile version of the site will continue working throughout the day. This is also accessible in your desktop browser at en.m.wikipedia.org.

So, if you need to find out how old Sylvester Stallone is (65) or the half-life of uranium (4.468×109 years) – or any other fact, you don’t have to let Jimmy Wales’ “foolish” (to some) political statement ruin your fun.

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