Warner Bros set to launch its own photo sharing service, Out My Window

Warner Bros set to launch its own photo sharing service, Out My Window

Warner Bros may not seem like the most likely candidate to launch a photo sharing service, but that what it appears to be doing.

As Fusible notes, a holding page for the service has popped up at outmywindow.com with the tag line “Share your view at the speed of life.” We’ve dug into the site to find out a bit more.

On the holding page there’s not much information about exactly how the service will work, but it appears to allow users to share photos between mobile devices, computers and TVs. Text on the page reads “A prefect picture. The urge to share it. From  my view to your view. From my phone to your TV. With Out My Window, our photographs will always weave the stories of our lives together.”

Digging into the terms of service page, we can find a few more clues as to what’s going on. It appears that users will be able to make purchases (perhaps prints of photos or in-app purchase feature upgrades?) from the site. The terms of service’s opening paragraph explains: “The Application allows you to set up a profile so you can provide and share your photographs, their location, ratings, favorites, albums and more, connect your profile with friends, and make purchases.” The page also specifies integration with Facebook and Google accounts.

The terms of service are dated 9 January 2012, which is this coming Monday. This indicates that we may (or may not) be looking at a Monday launch. It appears that the Warner Bros division behind the service is Warner Bros Advanced Digital Services, which also looks after other digital properties like the media giant’s movies on Facebook and its apps.

Meanwhile, Fusible notes that trademark filings made by Warner Bros last month under the Out My Window name cover “peer-to-peer photo and video sharing services, digital enhancement of photographs, digital imaging software, providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software and applications, and of course, social networking services provided via the internet.”

So, pulling the pieces together, we’re likely looking at a way to share and digitally enhance photos, and share them with friends on a wide variety of devices including TVs – with the option to buy something.

There’s an option to enter your email address at outmywindow.com if you’d like more information on when it’s due to launch. We’ve contacted Warner Bros for comment on its plans.

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