Amazon could be trying to break into your living room with

Amazon could be trying to break into your living room with

The eagle-eyed folks at Domain Name Wire noticed a domain transfer of note today.

Amazon, which purchased a company called Quidsi in 2010 for $540 million, seems to be creeping its way into your home one room at a time. When Amazon purchased Quidsi, it acquired, and Those sites seem to cover a few areas in your home, including the baby’s room and your laundry facilities.

In 2009, Amazon purchased Zappos for $847 million, which gave the company a place to set up shop in your various closets.

Now it looks like Amazon wants to take over your whole darn house, as it has purchased the domain name

When you visit the site, you’re shown the following message that more than tips off Amazon’s involvement:

You have reached an invalid location. Maybe you are looking for,,, …

Need more evidence? It looks like already has a merchandising associate:

While this site will more than likely end up under Quidsi’s management, it is quite fascinating to watch Amazon evolve from an ecommerce company into a fixture in all of the rooms in your home. Throw the Kindle on top of all of this, and you may have something you purchased from Amazon in every room of your house this year.

It looks like Amazon is becoming the online version of Walmart.

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