Namecheap cashes in on SOPA with MoveYourDomainDay

Namecheap cashes in on SOPA with MoveYourDomainDay

SOPA has caused an uproar in the tech industry, and rightly so. Go Daddy, which supported SOPA and then abandoned its stance after customer outrage, has taken a hit and Namecheap stepped in for the kill. So far, Go Daddy has lost over 21,000 domains.

Namecheap has already called Go Daddy out for blocking domain transfers, and is now encouraging domain holders to transfer their domains to a non-SOPA supporting registrar. Interestingly enough, Namecheap hardly mentions Go Daddy at all, with the exception of a simple how transfer from Go Daddy link on the bottom of their announcement page.

From Namecheap:

Some of our competitors support SOPA, despite the untold damage it can do to the internet as we know it.

Because of this, we’re declaring December 29th “Move Your Domain Day”, as a call-to-action for those who oppose SOPA and wish to leave service providers who support SOPA.

On December 29th, we’re offering transfers below cost ($6.99* per transfer) using the coupon code SOPASucks (Limited to 10 transfers per user). Additionally, for every domain transfer initiated on the 29th, Namecheap will donate $1 to theElectronic Frontier Foundation, to help them continue the legal fight against SOPA, PROTECT-IP, and other overbroad and ill-considered legislation.

The discount is generous and it’s great that Namecheap is donating some proceeds to the EFF, but remember that Namecheap’s stance happens to also be highly lucrative, too. Still, any company against SOPA gets points in my book.

If you’re itching to learn more about SOPA, you can check out all of TNW’s coverage here.

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