Businesses seem to be taking to Chrome. StatCounter says weekday use has overtaken IE8

Businesses seem to be taking to Chrome. StatCounter says weekday use has overtaken IE8

StatCounter, the website analytics firm that regularly publishes data about the state of the browser market, has a new report out today that makes an interesting finding – weekday use of Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer 8, implying that business use of Google’s browser has hit an important milestone.

According to StatCounter’s figures, Chrome 15 has been overtaking IE8 as the dominant bowser at weekends since the beginning of October. However, it says that in the week commencing 5 December, Chrome 15 overtook IE8 for the first time during the five-day working week.

This suggests that business use of Chrome is on the up. “It looks as if people favour Chrome on weekends at home but office commercial use has now caught up,” Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter’s CEO comments in its press release. It’s important to note that overall, Internet Explorer (when you add up all versions) is still the dominant browser brand, however. Today’s news follows the company’s recent announcement that Chrome was now more popular worldwide than Firefox.

Google gave Chrome features required for business use, such as deployment tools and administration policies, late last year. If StatCounter is to be believed, businesses are taking to the browser in significantly growing numbers.

StatCounter says that its figures are based on aggregate data collected on a sample exceeding 15 billion page views per month (4 billion from the US) from the network of over three million websites using its analytics products. It’s perhaps not the mos definitive of studies but it’s a notable finding from a sizeable data sample. You can play with the data as an interactive graph yourself, here.

IE8 in blue, Chrome 15 in green


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