Cheers to Gojee, now with 200,000 members and Drinks recipes

Cheers to Gojee, now with 200,000 members and Drinks recipes

As a food lover, aspiring gourmet chef and all around hedonist, Gojee is one of those sites that gets my creative juices flowing. The mouth-watering photos on Gojee, an awesome new recipe app based in NYC, are delicious enough to make Mary-Kate Olsen hungry. Tell Gojee what you have in your kitchen and curated recipes pop up in seconds. Peruse over 10,000 recipes handpicked from 160 food writers who know what they’re doing. The site will even deliver personalized recipes based on what you crave and what you dislike.

Today, Gojee is about to quench my thirsty mouth. The company, which just passed 200,000 members, has launched Gojee Drinks, featuring cocktail and drinks recipes from over 40 of the best drink writers in the world. You’ll find classics with a twist like a Legends Lemon Drop Martini, creative and “girly” concoctions like Melon Slush, and stiff “man” drinks like the Moscow Mule all in the same beautiful interface that you search for food recipes in.

Just like with food recipes, tell Gojee Drinks what you crave, or what you have, or what you dislike, and it will come up with specially tailored recipes just for you. There are non-alcoholic concoctions too, like Founder and CEO Mike LaValle’s favorite beverage is The Arab Strap, a blend of coffee, cardamom and molasses.

Because Gojee’s recipes are curated by professional drink writers, you won’t find a Four Loko and Everclear abomination that your frat brother decided to “invent”. Gojee assures me that “You’ll find only the most drool-inducing, awe-inspring and hyphen-warranting drink recipes here.”

It’s Thirsty Thursday, so what are you waiting for? Get drinking! Gojee Drinks.

In September, Gojee announced its $1.2 million seed round led by San Francisco’s Kapor Capital and a new advisor, Brad Hunstable, who is the current President and Co-Founder of Ustream.

Read more about Gojee in our feature on beautiful web design and our recent article on lessons from NYC entrepreneurs after a year in the business.

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