Posterous’ own blog gets hacked. It’s a bizarre one…

Posterous’ own blog gets hacked. It’s a bizarre one…

It seems that Posterous is the latest victim to fall prey to hacking, and it is a strange one to say the least.

In a blog post today titled ‘What I do in my spare time’, it says:

“Hello everybody,

It’s Julio’s hacker speaking here. I have decided to expose what he like to do in his spare time. He likes to watch porn and view adult content.

His most viewed site is this camsite:

Below are some screenshots of his computer while he’s been viewing adult content. – Thanks.”

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And then there is a link to 4 images of adult websites. We’ve contacted the guys at Posterous and will update here once we hear back from them.


It seems the blog post has now been removed.

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