Amazon domain names hint at Silk browser coming to Windows and Mac

Amazon domain names hint at Silk browser coming to Windows and Mac

One of the most interesting announcements from Amazon’s epic press conference yesterday was the browser, named Silk, that runs on its new Kindle Fire tablet. Now domain name registrations amongst those spotted by Fusible indicate that Amazon has at least loose plans to bring the browser to other platforms.

Among a huge list of domain names registered yesterday were and – suggesting that Kindle Fire’s browser could spread its wings to run on other devices. is also listed, suggesting that Silk could be offered on the Android Market for Android devices beyond the Kindle Fire (which runs a customized Android build) to run.

Expanding Silk to other devices would make sense for Amazon. The way it renders pages in the cloud to improve load times for end users would likely prove popular, even if Opera already does something similar. As others have pointed out, getting a vast amount of data on browsing users’ browsing behavior would be valuable to the retail giant as well.

Of course, companies register domain names all the time to protect them for things that they may possibly do in the future, so Silk moving to other devices is by no means a certainty. Still, it’s something to look out for.

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