Can Arrington recreate TechCrunch? Because that’s exactly what he’s planning on doing… [Updated]

Can Arrington recreate TechCrunch? Because that’s exactly what he’s planning on doing… ...

TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington, has just published a post on his new blog Uncrunched explaining his plans for the new site.

Many assumed Arrington’s primary focus would be his new fund, Crunchfund, and Uncrunched would merely store and share random thoughts – apparently not the case:

“I’m going to do the same thing I’ve been doing since 2005. I’m going to write about startups, and the people who build them, and the people who fund them, and the people who use them. I’m going to break stories and I’m going to write my opinion, and I’m to write whatever the hell else I feel like in between. If people want to read what I write, yay. If they don’t, I can live with that too.”

I don’t think we’d be exaggerating the truth by saying Arrington very much intends on continuing exactly what he’s been doing at TechCrunch over at Uncrunched. Is it possible, or rather how fascinating would it be, if Arrington did manage to pull off the almost impossible and launch a competing blog to the one he started and steal the team that he helped build the blog with from the company that acquired it? :)

Even as a competitor, it’s a juicy thought. The question is, is it possible?


In response to a tweet, Arrington says he has no plans to recreate TechCrunch, he’s “out of the blogging for business business.”

Well that’s slightly disappointing. Frankly I quite liked the idea.

That said, if Arrington plans to break news, I can’t see how “out of the blogging for business business” one can be. I can only assume he means he plans to not hire people and that it will remain ad-free.

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