HP designer Edward Scherf jumps ship over to join Path

HP designer Edward Scherf jumps ship over to join Path

Anytime that there’s a story about someone joining Path, I have to hold back from making all of the obvious puns. Today, I will let them all fly for your reading enjoyment.

Visual designer Edward Scherf has decided to chart a new course, leaving his trail at Palm and HP for a new moment at mobile sharing startup Path. Scherf, according to his LinkedIn profile, joined Palm in November of 2010 and expresses a particular fondness for “hand-crafted icons, rich user interfaces, and websites.”

Scherf’s previous UX work with Macnification won him an award from Apple in 2008, so it’s not surprising to see him continue on the road with an app such as Path that holds UX and UI in such high regard.

Path is the brain child of entrepreneur and Angel investor Dave Morin. The app, which limits your sharing to only your 50 closest Path-using friends, has seen a rabid adoption by more than half a million users and the company has since produced With, another iPhone-based application that lets you quickly and easily share who you’re with at any given time.

Path has, since its iPhone-only release, moved into the Android territory where my own thoughts about it surrounded my belief that its user interface and experience needed a lot of work in order to live up to its iOS counterpart. Perhaps with Scherf’s joining the team, we’ll see those needed improvements soon.

There’s next to no doubt that we’ll see more evacuation from HP after the company’s recent changes to its business. With a complete exit from the hardware field, many are left wondering what the company’s next moves will be.

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