Foursquare reportedly to roll out new Pages that anyone can sign up for

Foursquare reportedly to roll out new Pages that anyone can sign up for

As Foursquare moves beyond checkins and points towards something that offers more long-term value to both users and brands, it appears that a revamp of the service’s Pages feature is on the way this week.

At present, Pages are available to brands, allowing users to ‘follow’ their favourite companies, seeing Tips they leave at locations around the world. According to AdAge, Pages are set to be expanded so that anyone, from a brand to an individual user can create their own page for others to follow.

Given that currently, pages are manually created by Foursquare staff at a reported rate of 70 per week, the new self-service option should see the feature expand rapidly.

The new Pages will be useful for brands, as they won’t have to wait for Foursquare’s permission to launch a presence on the service, while individuals should find it useful for developing a connection on Foursquare with people they don’t necessarily want to share their location with. As AdAge notes, it will also encourage users to write more tips on the locations they visit, valuable additional content for a perhaps under-used feature.

We’ve got nothing official from Foursquare yet on the new Pages product, but AdAge is generally a reliable source. We’ll update if we hear anything official from the New York-based startup.

UPDATE: Foursquare has confirmed the news to us, stating:

“This week, Foursquare will begin slowly rolling out a new set of tools that will make the process of creating Pages much faster and simpler for brands. “

We’ll bring you further details when we hear more later in the week.

Image Credit / Nan Palmero

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