Sparrow now being advised by creators behind Tweetie and Path

Sparrow now being advised by creators behind Tweetie and Path

Sparrow has announced on its Twitter account that it now has two official advisors. Loren Brichter, the developer of Tweetie and Dave Morin, the CEO of Path and early member of the Facebook team.

The addition of these advisors to Sparrow’s advisory team is encouraging in the face of the recent improvements being made to the native OS X Mail app in Lion. Brichter’s success with Tweetie and the subsequent official Twitter apps for Mac and iPad should enable him to bring a good understanding of native-app to third-party integration to the Sparrow fold. Building a feature-rich client for Mac that holds its own against the expanded won’t be easy.

Morin also has a deep history with platform development as the co-inventor of Facebook Connect and the Facebook Platform. Sparrow’s recent Facebook feature additions will no doubt continue to be a focus of the company’s efforts moving forward, so Morin’s expertise with the platform can only be a good thing.

Many of us here at TNW use Sparrow heavily, so we’re happy to see them taking proactive steps to ensure its continued expansion.

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