With new attacks, LulzSec brings tally to six Sony hacks

With new attacks, LulzSec brings tally to six Sony hacks

It’s starting to look like journalists are going to get bored of Sony hacks before the hackers themselves do. Sony has been hit yet again by LulzSec — not just once, but twice in a day.

During the first attack, LulzSec got their hands on 54 megabytes of Sony Developer source code, and later attacked other Sony systems to procure internal network maps of Sony BMG.

This brings that tally of Sony hacks up to six, with #5 and #6 both occurring in one day.

LulzSec has been busy this week. They attacked Nintendo on the 3rd of June, retrieving nothing but an Apache configuration file, which they claim was a ‘warm-up’ for their later hack of an FBI-affiliated site, InfraGard, on the same day.

Their attack on the FBI affiliate revealed that even those in the security sector have terrible password security. LulzSec got into the personal Gmail account of user Karim Hijazi and the email account for the company he owns. LulzSec has posted emails, IRC logs and call recordings indicating that Hijazi then tried to bribe LulzSec into attacking his competitors.

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