Conga opens it’s beta checkin aggregation service in San Francisco and New York

Conga opens it’s beta checkin aggregation service in San Francisco and New York

Conga, the social checkin aggregator has entered open beta today in San Francisco and New York. If you live in either of those cities you can head over to Conga to start tracking your checkins and seeing where you cross paths with other Conga users.

Conga has sent us along this announcement about the opening of the beta.

On Wednesday, April 20, at 8:00 AM PST, the public beta of will go live in San Francisco and New York. Users who access from these cities will be able to sign-up and have full access to the public beta.

While our initial public beta launch will take place in San Francisco and New York, Conga will be rolling out in other cities in the coming weeks. Want to bring Conga to your city? Simply sign-up at, enter your city, and then follow@congadotcom to find out when we’re coming to your neighborhood.”

Conga is a web service that allows you to connect location sharing services like Foursquare, Twitter and LinkedIn that will feed it with check-ins and ‘Moments’ as you go about your day. Additional services like Facebook Places will be added as they can get them integrated.

Once the services are connected to Conga, your check-ins will get automatically added to your personal Moments timeline automatically with a location and your description.

If you’re curious about the way Conga works, check out our article on what Conga’s creators hope to accomplish with it.

If you already use any of those location sharing services and live in SF or NY, head over to Conga to sign up. It will import your checkins and you can start seeing where your moments are shared with others. You can also check out more information on their blog, where you can also request that Conga come to your town.

Conga is just getting fired up but as it fills out with user data it will be interesting to see how connected we all are by the places that we’ve been.

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