Institutes Screening for Sex Offenders Institutes Screening for Sex Offenders

The Associated Press reports that will begin checking it’s members against the national sex offenders registry.

This is in response to a lawsuit brought on by a woman who was sexually assaulted following a date arranged on late last week.

The woman, who is publicly identified as Jane Doe, was suing the dating site to get to change its policies on screening new members for past sexual crimes. Previous to the suit being brought, had no screening procedure in place. president Mandy Ginsberg said that the company had been historically unwilling to implement such screening procedures, stating its “historical unreliability”. The recent suit caused them to revisit the idea however, and’s advisors have convinced them that enough improvements have been made to the registry to make the results accurate enough to integrate into a screening procedure.

The policy is set to take effect sometime in the next 60 to 90 days, reports Cnet, but mentions that these type of checks can still be flawed and that members should read and follow the safety tips on their site.

There is no word on whether the screenings would include all currently registered members or just new applicants.

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