Foursquare plans to open UK office “During the next year”

Foursquare plans to open UK office “During the next year”

It looks like Foursquare is planning to expand its staffing beyond US shores. In an interview with The Telegraph, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Dennis Crowley says that plans are afoot for a UK office.

Following on from the New York-based company’s expansion to San Francisco, a UK office is planned for “some point during the next year”, although Crowley doesn’t give any further details.

It’s a fair bet that, similarly to Twitter, Foursquare would hire staff to liaise with businesses in Europe, expanding its capacity to handle commercial partnerships of the kind that it’s already involved with in the States.

In the interview, Crowley also discusses why he thinks user numbers are booming at Foursquare since Facebook Places launched. Indeed, user numbers have doubled, he says. “Facebook is very good at offering its users tools for sharing things online. We are good at facilitating activities offline, once a person has shared their location online… Our primary aim to get people outside and doing more stuff.”

Perhaps Facebook Places was a ‘gateway drug’ to location services for some users who had previously avoided them?

Meanwhile, Crowley notes that the company is not quite ready to monetise its merchants’ platform and that the company is still working on getting its offering “fully right.”

Image Credit / Nan Palmero

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