Codenamed “Project Dragon,” more rumors swirl of Yahoo! selling Delicious

Codenamed “Project Dragon,” more rumors swirl of Yahoo! selling Delicious

Last week, we reported that Yahoo! was selling Delicious for a reported $5 million. Strong rumors are continuing to swirl, with Business Insider reporting that the deal, codenamed “Project Dragon,” is closing in at only $1-2 million.

So while the numbers aren’t set it stone yet, it seems obvious that the sale is actually happening. While no one has spoken about who’s buying it, eyes are looking at StumbleUpon, who recently crossed over the 27.5 million stumble mark and just added a $17 million round of funding to its wallet.

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Yahoo’s plan to get sunset Delicious leaked in December. Why is the sale taking so long then? BI reports that Yahoo! has been slow extracting Delicious from its infrastructure.

Loyal Delicious fans? Have no fear, we have good word that Yahoo! will find a good home for its highly regarded social bookmarking site.  Avid bookmarkers? We present you with 8 solid bookmarking alternatives.

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