Giant QR code made from thousands of paint cans

Giant QR code made from thousands of paint cans

The European bank AXA has created a giant QR code to entice customers in Belgium into learning about its loan campaign. With a smartphone in hand, it’s very likely you’d be compelled to unlock a QR code, especially if you saw a giant QR code made of paint cans hanging from the sky.

AXA’s creative advertisement consists of thousands of paint cans, sporting an array of various colours that make up the interactive QR code. The code is both beautiful and functional, and it enables anyone to receive a link to AXA’s mobile site after scanning the code. Being transferred to a link isn’t that exciting at all but, it’s intriguing to observe the creative new ways this technology is being used.  I usually don’t pay much attention to street advertisements or billboards but as a gadget geek, I find it hard to resist unleashing the data within QR codes.">

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