Cuba gets an undersea 1000 mile Internet cable link from Venezuela

Cuba gets an undersea 1000 mile Internet cable link from Venezuela

The BBC has just reported that Cuba will be getting an undersea fibre-optic 1000 mile cable that will link to Venezuela, and it will bring download speeds 3000 times faster than their current connection.

And as BBC points out, the Internet will be faster but only for the small majority of Cubans who are able to get internet access.

As it stands now, Cuba has the least amount of people with access to the Internet in the western hemisphere, coming in at only 3 percent of the population.

Medardo Diaz, the Cuban Information and Communications Minister said the new cable will “reinforced Cuba’s sovereignty” and further stated that the cable will “be at the service of our people, as a tool to reinforce its development, integration and sovereignty” .

The new Internet link is being financed by Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, a group created by Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President. Florida is a lot closer than Venezuela at only 144 Km’s away however, Cuba’s US trade embargo has stopped it from creating a cable with the United States.

Cuba’s new cable is great news for the Cuban people who suffer from the slowest Internet speeds in the world, which is not only slow, it’s expensive too.  Access to Internet has been limited to people with government permission, and since 2009 Cubans have been accessing the net from Internet cafes, hotels and even from black market connections, according to the BBC.

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