Try Petflow to feed your puppy and puppies everywhere

Try Petflow to feed your puppy and puppies everywhere

It’s not often I get to write cute, cuddly and feel-good stories. But seeing as though almost everything is based on the Web these days, do-good pet-food startups fall right in line.

While there are many companies that sell pet food online, you can also buy pet food online directly from Amazon and Petco with an average shipping charge of $15. Petflow, a New York City based start-up which recently launched with 5 million in funding, lets users pick the pet-food they want and then set up scheduled deliveries for an extremely low shipping fee of $5 on all orders. Starting tomorrow PetFlow will donate $40 on behalf of anyone who signs up for their service through the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) link on their home page.

“A $40 donation can go a long way towards assisting one of IFAW’s many efforts across the globe,” said Fred O’Regan, President and CEO, IFAW. “It could vaccinate 20 street dogs in Bali to prevent rabies, or it would provide enough formula to feed an orphan elephant in India for an entire week. This money could also provide a uniform, work boots, and backpack for a ranger protecting elephants and other wildlife. Thanks to, each and every donation can help change an animal’s life.”

Fun fact: A homeless dog in many parts of South America is referred to as “El Perro del Mondo,” which translates as “Dog of the Universe.”

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