Whrrl Spins Onto Android

Whrrl Spins Onto Android

Whrrl, the check-in app that lets its users build “societies” around common interests, has finally come to Android today with a brand-spanking new app.

“We’ve been hearing from our community for months about how bad they’ve wanted an Android app,” says Whrrl on its blog today, and for certain, Whrrl has been conspisiously missing from the pantheon of Android check-in apps for awhile now.

But now it’s here, and here are its main points:

  • Check-ins, share experiences and tag friends to check-in, with options to share to Facebook and Twitter
  • Societies, which is at the core of Whrrl, “are real world groups organized around your passions, tastes and interests.”
  • Recommendations with photos – pretty self-explanatory
  • Society rewards – loyalty and check-in rewards, i.e. free or discounted stuff
  • Influence points, which you earn from doing stuff in Whrrl and which can help you to level up (Whrrl certainly has gaming elements).
  • Ideas – recommendations for stuff to do, places to visit

One thing that would seem to set Whrrl apart a bit from other check-in services on Android, is that the new app has a dedicated Android homescreen widget as well, that:

“turn[s] it into a compass for ideas you want to do. Based on where you are, Whrrl will show you the closest ideas saved to your want-to list. You can then click the idea and map it.”

We recently talked with Pelago’s (the company behind Whrrl) CEO, Jeff Holden, who told us that, “I don’t think there is really anything like Whrrl Societies. We’re crossing 400,000 users on the iPhone app [and] we plan to go international.” Below is a video intro to the app, and you can download the Android app in the Android Market now:

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