Placecast and Location Labs partner for geotargeted marketing

Placecast and Location Labs partner for geotargeted marketing

Placecast and Location Labs have formed a partnership to combine each company’s strengths to offer what the companies are calling ”

Basically, Placecast will integrate its ShopAlerts location-based advertising/awards system with Location Labs’ location-as-a-service platform (i.e. location data) to target and reach out to what they believe are 60% of consumers in the US, or 180 million phones potentially via SMS.

Placecast explains ShopAlerts like this:

“ShopAlerts is a white-label mobile marketing solution. Retailers and other direct marketers deploy the technology to create their own version of the service. Consumers double opt-in to receive notifications from the brands they love through a variety of ways – including at the store, online, via text-message, mobile website, or social network (like Facebook or Twitter). Once ShopAlerts is activated, the service automatically alerts the consumer about a brand’s local sales, special events, or other relevant information based on their location.”

Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman was quoted in a press release as saying, “We’re excited about our partnership with Location Labs, as it enables us to bring massive reach and scale to retail brands seeking to connect with customers on most phones, without an app.”

It will be interesting to see how this new partnership works out and whether we’ll see more partnerships formed like this or whether companies will simply build out both sides of the platform themselves.

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