Foursquare wants to be “the new age experience provider” for brands

Foursquare wants to be “the new age experience provider” for brands

Foursquare‘s head of business development, Tristan Walker, in a panel today at TechCrunch‘s Crunchup conference said that Foursquare focuses on three levels of deals: mom and pop corner stores, retail chains and brands. Regarding brands, Walker said that Foursquare wants to be brands’ “new age experience provider.”

Walker said that Foursquare’s business development team receives between 500-1,000 emails per day of new incoming inquiry, and Walker and his team of five tries his best to respond to all of them. we do charge for sponsored badge promotion

“The check-in enables a lot of everything that happens on the platform. We hope to build the best social expierence for users and merchants.” Walker said that about 25-30% of Foursquare’s deals are mayor deals and then the rest are frequency deals.

“Nobody’s really been able to offer this kind of deals at the retail deals at scale,” he said. Also, Walker believes that, “yield management is going to be big for us…we just need to build the infrastructure for that.”

“Heatpocalypse” was a recent location that Foursquare created for the heat wave in New York City, and thousands of people checked into the “location”. Walker said that funnily enough, when he checked into that location, a nearby frozen yogurt shop popped up as a deal.

Finally, Walker says, “we want to socialize loyalty in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

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