Do Tourists Frighten You? We Can Help.

Do Tourists Frighten You?  We Can Help.

We’ve had just about enough of all this whining about there being no practical application for geolocation.

San Francisco blog Burrito Justice points us to a fascinating mash-up that attempts to use the geolocation information associated with photos to highlight the tourist zones of a number of major cities.

(Obviously, the reason this is helpful is to avoid loud and scary tourists.)

Here’s how this was done.  Flickr member Eric Fischer used historical photo data to determine which photos were taken by local photographers, and which photos were taken by tourists.

As it turns out, those wishing to avoid tourists in places like Rome and London are out of luck.

But if you live in San Francisco, neighborhoods like The Mission and SOMA are fairly tourist free.

I probably didn’t need advanced geologic to tell me to stay the hell away from Fisherman’s Wharf, but this is a pretty cool project nonetheless

Here are a couple of other cities:



New York

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