SCVNGR Improves Place Database, Updates iPhone & Android Apps

SCVNGR Improves Place Database, Updates iPhone & Android Apps

SCVNGR, the check-in app that gives you challenges and treks to do at both indoor and outdoor locations, updated its iPhone and Android apps to version 3.0.8 today. The most significant update is an improved place database – at least according to SCVNGR itself – as the app just came out, we haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

One of the best things that a location app can do to become more useful and fun is to improve its place database, so hopefully users will find the improvements to be more accurate and comprehensive. Also, the SCVNGR team has wisely taken the extra step of allowing users to flag locations and venues to help further improve the place database through crowdsourcing.

The new version also promises faster and better quality photo uploads through the app as well as “easier and better” Facebook Connect integration, as well as speed improvements. SCVNGR has some strong backing (including Google) and has struck a number of deals with educational institutions such as the Smithsonian and the American Library Association to offer “challenges” and “treks” for students.

That said, while SCVNGR seems to be carving out a niche, it hasn’t really grabbed mass attention, and still has a ways to go to catch up to the consumer market leaders in terms of users and/or daily check-ins. On the other hand, SCVNGR is iterating fast (this is their second update in as many weeks) and seems to have some good momentum with its Builder platform, so they are certainly an app worth keeping a close eye on.

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