Have an Ass-Hat Problem? Try Avoidr

Have an Ass-Hat Problem?  Try Avoidr

There’s nothing like a good anti-social network to wrap up the work week.

While services like Foursquare are helpful for catching up with your friends while they are out on the town, what about a service for helping you avoid chance encounters with people that bug you?

Enter Avoidr.

Assign a demeaning name (jerk, ass-hat, douchelord, etc.) to your “friends” that you don’t want to run into, and get a real time view of the places you need to avoid.

The venture capital pitch would go something like this.

VC: So what’s the problem you are solving?

Avoidr: The Ass-Hat problem, sir.  People that don’t want to run into ass-hats when they go out.

VC: I see.  Any idea of the addressable market?

Avoidr: Well, every human on the planet likely has people that they would like to avoid at any given time.  This is the Total Addressable Market, or TAM in your parlance.  However, as we were built off of the Foursquare API, our Served Addressable Market (SAM) is people who are using Foursquare that are friends with people that they don’t want to run into.

VC: Sounds like a lifestyle business.

Avoidr: Let’s be friends on Foursquare so I can avoid you, you ass-hat.

Try it for yourself at Avoidr.org.

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